Recognizing Drives

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sat Mar 29 22:53:26 UTC 2008

Bar Meshiaka wrote:
>   I would like to know how secure that one can make Linux.

That depends on what applications you want to use - can you give us some 
more details?

>   The reason that I ask this is I've been stalked here on the internet
> by a rather sophiscated hacker.

Maybe you should get the police involved in trying to find that hacker. 
While you can't be sure that it helps, it is at least worth a try.

>   I would like to purchase an out of the box Linux IF it could be
> "super secured".

I don't think you find anything which is "super secured" out of the box. 
If you don't have enough knowledge about security, it is easy to make 
mistakes which open up big holes even in a "super secured" box.

>   We use an external firewall called 'Alpha Shield'
> ( and I'm thinking of using a wireless router with
> a firewall too.

Well, IMHO wireless and "super secured" are mutually exclusive.


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