Firefox downloads JPEG instead of displaying

Jon Grant jg at
Fri Mar 28 20:34:57 UTC 2008

Hi Scott,

Same Scott from MT list?

> It's a problem on their end. The same thing happens when I access the
>  link in Epiphany, Konqueror and Opera.
>  What page is this link on?
>  Is is this an image that's embedded in the page itself or is it just a
>  text link to an image?
>  It's either a misconfigured server or it's somehow deliberate on their
>  (Bllogspot's) part. Are there other image links on the page that work as
>  you would expect?

I found it on google images.  I wonder if Firefox should honour this
download "hint", or just display it when its directly in a URL bar!?

Cheers, Jon

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