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Hi Joseph,
> I am brand new to Ubuntu, but I think I'm going to like it.
> However, I'm wanting to download an HTML editing program at
> and it gives several
> options....   and I'm not sure what to take.
> It says I've searched and found 1 package....   but there's a list
> of seven things.
Installing software on Ubuntu is a little bit different than doing
this on other OSs! All the programs you can install are provided as
packages, These packages are installed by various (system) programs,
called package managers. You are free to choose which you want to use.
On Ubuntu (with the GNOME desktop) most people will use a program
called synaptic. (If you use Kubuntu most people use a program called
adept for it.)

There are already a lot of good documentation explaining how to do this.

For the start try these links:

Or search the available Ubuntu wiki pages for installing

At least you have to tell synaptic (or the program you like to use) to
install bluefish and then click on the "install me the software I
want" button. The rest is taken care of by the package manager. Realy
easy ;-). If you know how to do it ;-).

> I want to master Ubuntu, but it seems I must start with downloads.
> It seems that I need to know the processor (i.e. AMD64) and this
> system was given to me in parts and I built it.  But I'm not sure of
> the processor except that it's 1000Mhz. Of course I may be wrong in
> my assumptions.  Ubuntu is definitely different.
Mastering Ubuntu (and with it Linux and Unix) is a process. You have
to read a lot of documentation and ask questions every now and then. I
am using Linux/Unix system for more than 10 years now and every now
and then I learn new things, too. Mastering a Linux system never
stops, at least for me ;-).

I am not sure if you are familiar with the command line. If so you
could use the programs "cpuid" and/or "lshw". But you have to install
them first. But there might be a graphical application provided by
Ubuntu. I do not know, as I use the command line for exploring a system.

But the important part: you do not need to know your cpu type. The
package manager takes care about that.
> Thanks for any assistance.
> Oh yes, I'll be looking for a good FTP program as I cannot use my
> old Smart FTP for Sindows.
There are a lot of good FTP programs for Linux. But I do not know
Smart FTP. As a graphical FTP program I use gftp, but do not know if
it is what you want. Perhaps other will tell you more.

Feel free to ask more questions.


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