Account/Calendar etc. backup

H.S. hs.samix at
Fri Mar 28 06:14:39 UTC 2008

Ken Adams wrote:
> I am about to due a complete FRESH install of Ubuntu as I have been
> offline for some time and my present install is very "Dirty" after
> playing around. I have a large amount of data stored within Evolution,
> ie. Account/Personal Details, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks etc.
> I would like to backup all this data and restore it into my fresh
> install once it is done. I am on Ubuntu 7.04 and Evolution 2.10.1 at the
> moment and will be installing Ubuntu 8.04 once it is released fully.
> I have looked online without too much luck and have decided to ask here
> well in advance before I break anything.
> How do I backup all my Evolution data for safe keeping during major
> Ubuntu upgrades and for that matter System crash safeguards...
> I don't really want to stay with Ubuntu 7.04 for ever!!!!!!
> Rgds Ken

Others have replied to your query. I just wanted to mention that for 
exactly these kind of scenarios I keep my /home on a separate partition. 
That way I can reinstall my system anytime I want while keeping the 
/home partition and my data on it untouched. No need to back up anything 
... well, one should always backup before reinstalling just in case 
something goes wrong during installation - but that is a safety 
precaution. If all goes well, your /home will work just as before (as 
long you create your users in the same order as you did in the previous 
install -- to keep the same uids and guids). Perhaps you may want to try 
this out next time you install your Linux OS.


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