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Mario Frechette mario at technicite.ca
Thu Mar 27 22:23:30 UTC 2008

Nils Kassube a écrit :
> Mario Frechette wrote:
>> but what I would like is  to create a log file with a date in the name
>> of the file that would look like  ( backup.log.`date +%d%m%y`) format
>> or anything near that
>>  I succeded to create a file named backup.log in the /home DIR
>> but  how to do that in a bash script ?
> A bash script is more or less only a sequence of the commands you can run 
> on the command line. Therefore your filename would be made like you wrote 
> above. Then you have to redirect the output of your commands inside the 
> script to that file. That would be something like this:
> #!/bin/bash
> log=$(date "+backup.log.%d%m%y")
> echo "Starting backup $(date)"
> somecommand >>$log 2>&1
> anothercommand >>$log 2>&1
> echo "Backup finished $(date)" >>$log
> Both the output and error output of the commands are sent to the same log 
> file.
> Nils
Thanks that worked great

Merci !


Mario Fréchette
988 des Grives
mario at technicite.ca

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