Log date

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Thu Mar 27 20:01:54 UTC 2008

Mario Frechette wrote:
> but what I would like is  to create a log file with a date in the name
> of the file that would look like  ( backup.log.`date +%d%m%y`) format
> or anything near that
>  I succeded to create a file named backup.log in the /home DIR
> but  how to do that in a bash script ?

A bash script is more or less only a sequence of the commands you can run 
on the command line. Therefore your filename would be made like you wrote 
above. Then you have to redirect the output of your commands inside the 
script to that file. That would be something like this:

log=$(date "+backup.log.%d%m%y")
echo "Starting backup $(date)"
somecommand >>$log 2>&1
anothercommand >>$log 2>&1
echo "Backup finished $(date)" >>$log

Both the output and error output of the commands are sent to the same log 


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