Wireless HP Printers -- Was Re: Home office printer recommendations?

Avi Schwartz ubuntu-users874 at cfftechnologies.com
Mon Mar 24 14:55:16 UTC 2008

Michael S. Peek wrote:
> Michael Peek wrote:
>> Hello again Ubuntu gurus,
>> My wife needs a color inkjet to replace the cheap one we have that's
>> dying.  This is for a home office and will be used extensively, so it
>> needs to be of good quality.  (And because of some of the material she
>> is printing on, it does need to be some sort of inkjet.)  And I would
>> greatly prefer something supported by Ubuntu out of the box.
>> Do any of you out there have any recommendations?
>> ...And is there such a thing as a wireless networked printer?
>> Thanks for your help,
>> Michael
> Okay guys,
> I think I've found a printer that I like.  Right now I plan to go with 
> an HP C7280 or C6280.  I'm partial to the C7280 since it has a built-in 
> wireless card, which means my wife can put it anywhere in the house she 
> wants and be able to print to it from the laptop from anywhere else in 
> the house.
>  From my research, so long as I have hplip, foomatic*, and hpijs 
> packages installed then all I have to do is plug the printer in via the 
> USB port and it's automatically detected and installed -- sweet!  Thanks 
> Ubuntu!
> ...But what if I want to install this printer as a wireless printer?  
> I'm not even sure I know how to do that.
> I know how to install a remote printer in cups by giving an IP address, 
> but isn't there a chance that the printer will get a different address 
> each time it's turned on?  Does that mean that I need to configure the 
> router to give it a static address?  Or will cups/hplip automagically 
> figure it out somehow?
> Will hplip work the same to a network printer as it will to a 
> USB-connected printer?  (I'm assuming it will, but I wanted to ask.)
> What other gotcha's should I be asking about?
> Thanks for your help,
> Michael
I went through the process of setting up a wireless HP 460 this weekend. 
I needed a very small printer located in an area of the house that is 
far from the computer.  Unfortunately I did not know of hplip at the 
time so I used my Macintosh to set up the initial wireless parameters on 
this printer. Only then I discovered hplip and I believe it will be able 
to do the same.  hplip also setup me up with the correct cups driver.

As for the IP address, you can either assign a fixed IP to the printer 
or setup your router (if it has this feature) or bind server (if you use 
one) to always serve the same IP address to the particular hardware 
address of the printer's wireless adapter.  I chose to serve the same IP 
and keep the printer asking for a dynamic IP address since it is a 
portable printer and I may take it on the road one day.


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