DNS Host - who is it?

John John at DMJ-Consultancy.co.uk
Mon Mar 24 11:22:03 UTC 2008


I've just acquired a laptop with Ubuntu 7.10 and I'm trying to connect 
it to my server (also Linux but not yet Ubuntu!) which provides DNS, 
DHCP and Apache services among others.

Whilst the laptop talks happily with the internet through the server 
(it's the only way out!), it does not pick up my local homepages in the 
same way as my other local computers do. I suspect that although I've 
set its network (cable) to DHCP, it's not picking up the identity of my 
local DNS Server. (It finds it by IP address but does not resolve its name).

ifconfig -a shows me that the laptop has picked up an address from the 
server but it does not tell me who the DNS servers are.

Where should I look to find out what other information the laptop has 
received from the DHCP server?

Thanks in Advance


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