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Mon Mar 24 11:09:13 UTC 2008


Ioannis Vranos wrote:
> OS: Ubuntu 7.10 x86.
> I have iptables installed and cannot find a decent firewall front-end to
> customize my firewall. In particular I want to leave open a specific
> custom port (a non-standard service port) for use by my bittorrent
> client. All the following I have tried don't provide this ability:
> firestarter, guarddog, kmyfirewall.

Firestarter (and I suspect the others), definitely allows you to do this.

Go to Policy->Add Rule, put the port number you want in the 'Port' box
and give it a name in the 'Name' box (you don't have to use the drop
down list, you can make up your own names) and click Add. You then need
to hit the 'Apply Policy' button.

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