USB Cable Modem causes problems recognizing other USB devices!

Ali Milis almilis at
Mon Mar 24 02:48:20 UTC 2008

Nils Kassube <kassube at> wrote:

>> The current (temporal) fix is: on boot, turning on the USB
>> printer, plug  in the USB flash disk, and last turning on
>> the USB modem.
>  The reason for your problem could be that the modem tries to allocate the
>  entire available USB bandwidth. If this is true, you can give the modem
>  its own bus. Usually there are several USB busses but each bus can have
>  more than one connector. If you look at the output of the lsusb command
>  (in a terminal), you can find out if there are other devices connected to
>  the same bus as the modem. Change the connections in a way, that the
>  modem is the only device on the bus. If you don't have enough connectors
>  to do that, you could try to use a hub for the other devices.

Thank you. I will try it later (at home).
FYI: my motherboad is ASUS  P4S333 (SiS 650).
Hopefully the motherboard has more than one USB bus.


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