USB Cable Modem causes problems recognizing other USB devices!

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Mar 23 18:35:17 UTC 2008

Ali Milis wrote:
> I have got a fairly busy USB Internet Modem (SA2100).
> Unfortunately, often I have got problems to use other
> USB devices.
> The current (temporal) fix is: on boot, turning on the USB
> printer, plug  in the USB flash disk, and last turning on
> the USB modem.

The reason for your problem could be that the modem tries to allocate the 
entire available USB bandwidth. If this is true, you can give the modem 
its own bus. Usually there are several USB busses but each bus can have 
more than one connector. If you look at the output of the lsusb command 
(in a terminal), you can find out if there are other devices connected to 
the same bus as the modem. Change the connections in a way, that the 
modem is the only device on the bus. If you don't have enough connectors 
to do that, you could try to use a hub for the other devices.


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