Ubuntu on Intel Macs: is Grub the right thing?

Charles Trois charles.trois at orange.fr
Sat Mar 22 15:49:42 UTC 2008


On my iMac (Intel), I have installed Kubuntu-7.10. Apparently, Grub is 

On the Mac side, I have added rEFIt. With this, I am able to choose the 
boot system between MacOS and Linux. And at reboot, either from Mac or 
Linux, I get the rEFIt menu again. So this looks all right.

However, I have read somewhere that, on this setup, the bootloader ought 
to be not Grub, but Elilo, and they don't really say why.

I am getting a bit confused with this, and I wonder if someone has an 
opinion about it or some advice to give. Perhaps the best course would 
be to do nothing more: who knows?


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