Input signal Out Of Range

Keith Powell keith at
Sat Mar 22 13:34:32 UTC 2008

Because of hard drive problems, I have had to download and reinstall 

Now, both when I boot and when I shut down, I get an error message: 
'Input Signal Out Of Range'. This is most peculiar as I didn't have it 
with my previous Ubuntu7.10 installation, neither do I get it when I run 
the live CD. Only after I have installed. However, it does not appear to 
affect the running of Ubuntu and the video looks normal.

I have also tried test installations of other distros. None of them show 
the error message. I've installed Ubuntu several times, in case it was a 
faulty installation. No difference!

The nearest other distro I have to Ubuntu is Mint. So I have compared 
the Mint and Ubuntu 'xorg.conf' files for any discrepancies in the 
"Device", "Monitor" and "Screen" sections, but they are identical. They 
both give a selection of 'Modes', so I have even tried removing the 
unused ones, just leaving 1024x768 which is the correct one for my flat 
screen monitor.

Has anyone any ideas as to what is causing it to suddenly happen, and 
with only the new installation of 7.10, nothing else? How can I sort the 
problem, please? It doesn't affect the running of Ubuntu, but is just 

If it's of any importance, the graphics card is an ATI 9200, the driver 
is the generic "ati", and the monitor is an LG Flatron L1510S. No 
problems with any of these before, or with any other distro.

Many thanks


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