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David Vincent dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca
Fri Mar 21 22:53:17 UTC 2008

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Andrew Hodgson wrote:
> I have a Ubuntu 7.10 installation on an AMD dual-core machine with 1GB
> of RAM and onboard video hardware.  I set the video hardware to give
> 128MB of video ram in the BIOS, but I am unable to start desktop effects
> – it gives me an error stating that desktop effects cannot be started,
> and goes back to the off state.

open a terminal and type "compiz" in there, it should spit out some
meaningful error.  if you can paste the results here we might be able to

> Is there a list of video cards that will work with this?  I don’t want
> to spend much on a video card, I would just like to be able to use this
> feature.

what brand is your onboard video?  what driver are you using?  i've got
it working easily with both ati and nvidia cards.  a sample of your
/etc/X11/xorg.conf file would help here.

> Also, as I use the magnifier in Orca, will this feature be compatable? 
> I tried both with my Orca enabled system, and using the live CD, without
> Orca enabled, in case this was the case.

i don't know.  anyone else on the list have an idea?  i imagine it would
work fine - compiz brings some extra accessibility features that i use
every day - and i don't even wear glasses.

(i like windows-logo+1, windows-logo+2 and windows-logo+3 for magnification)

- -d
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