Dapper won't boot-LinuxEBDA is big

Michael J. Dunigan mdunigan62 at aim.com
Fri Mar 21 12:14:12 UTC 2008

I am quite new to Ubuntu and Linux in general, so please be gentle... I posted this to the Ubuntu forums and also saw Launchpad. Which is the best place for a beginner to learn Ubuntu?

I have set up an old PC to act as a server in my home and I seem to have broken it. It was sluggish yesterday morning, so I decided to reboot it and now it dies during LILO's operation. The error is:

LILO 22.6.1 loading LinuxEBDA is big; Kernel setup stack overlaps LILO second stage.

Since this was mainly a small file server for the home, I put Server v6.06 LTS on the box and I have been trying to keep up with the necessary patches. I used LVM for the disks, because that looked like it should be the easiest to expand in the future, as I better understood how to work with Linux. I saw one forum thread about recompliing modules, but I don't believe that I have compiled anything on this server to recompile. I saw another thread about a newer kernel needing updates to LILO, but I can not yet understand now to start up the system enough to update LILO.

Can anyone give me a beginner's review of how to fix this?

MDunigan62 at aim dot com
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