Problems with Video using Samsung 46" LCD Model: LNX4695DX

James Wendt jamesmwendt at
Fri Mar 21 12:59:58 UTC 2008

Dear Friends,

I have recently installed the latest edition of Ubuntu on a new Dell desktop
that was previously running Vista.

With Windows Vista on this machine, I was able to use my Samsung LCD as the
monitor with no problem whatsoever.

However, now that I installed Ubuntu, the monitor will display the Dell
boot-up information and the very beginning of the Ubuntu boot but the minute
that the Ubuntu logo starts to load, the screen goes blank and that's it.

I'm not using any fancy drivers or settings.  I have reinstalled several
times and each time simply allowed the installation to pick the basic and
non-proprietary drivers for video.

When I connect a regular monitor to the same cable, everything is just fine
so I suspect that the issue is either with the box outputting the wrong
resolution or refresh rate or something similar.

Does anybody know how I should set this to work with the Samsung LCD?
Again, it worked fine under Vista but I really (REALLY) don't want to go
back to that if at all possible and I see no reason why this should not work
once I figure out what is getting in the way.

This is not a mechanical issue.  All cables are good, LCD panel is good, PC
is good... all systems "go" but still no display.

Help and thanks in advance.


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