corporate solutions run on Red Hat not Ubuntu. Thoughts...?

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Damien Hull wrote:
> I'll give CentOS a try.
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>>  How do Ubuntu server administrators feel about the lack of Ubuntu support?
> I've been using CentOS on my servers for a couple of years - no
> support there either, but I have never really needed any.  I've been
> meaning to set up an ubuntu server but haven't gotten around to it
> yet.
>>  Should I switch my servers to Red Hat? I haven't do this because it costs $$$.
> Anything designed for RHEL should run on the equivalent version of
> CentOS.  So if you wanted to try running an application meant for RHEL
> - without purchasing RHEL yet -  you could likely test it out on
> CentOS first.
> Chris
Ubuntu is actually kicking it up in the server and business support
area. Check out >

Ubuntu is still working on the polishing, but I think it will definitely
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