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Wed Mar 19 03:02:53 UTC 2008

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Well I replaced the drive and it still doesn't work.  Well what I meant
before was I was able to bring up an Install menu but I couldn't
actually do the install because the install files were corrupt.  So it
wouldn't do me any good to do it again; only to see if the drive works.
   I even tried to use the text-based installer but nothing.

So far I've been burning all of the install disks from my Macbook - I'm
going to try to burn one from a Dell to see if there's a difference
there.  Has anyone experienced difficulties between install cd's made on
a mac and made on a pc?  Thanks.

Travis Smith wrote:
> Is your boot order set to cdrom first? You said at one time you were able to
> boot off a unverified cd I dont know what that means but can you do it
> again? 8GB external is pretty dinky, if anything take it out of the external
> shell and install it directly into the comptuer. Try another cdrom drive if
> you have one laying around.
> On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 5:38 PM, John Doe <hommeentete at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>>        I've tried several times to install Ubuntu Server LTS on an IBM
>> 6220
>> desktop I have and haven't had any success.  I've downloaded the CDROM
>> image and burned it to a CD and verified it.  I even tested the CD by
>> booting my Macbook from the CD. Works fine.  But I think something is
>> wrong with the CDROM Drive in the IBM Machine because it won't work now
>> - - although it did once when I was trying to boot from an un-verified CD.
>>  So I'm still trying to install Ubuntu.  The computer recognizes and
>> seems to read my 8GB external hard drive fine so I was wondering if I
>> can boot from that.  I tried just using the same disk image and putting
>> it onto the ex. hard drive but when I try to boot from that I just get a
>> blinking cursor.  Any ideas on how I can boot and install from an
>> external hard drive or how I can get the cd to work?  Thanks.
>> - - hommeentete
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