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Thu Mar 20 08:34:16 UTC 2008


Karl Larsen wrote:
>     Worth less than a penny but I waited for the Windows XP cd-rom 
> loader to format all 160 GB of the SATA hard drive I got working again. 
> I unplugged this hard drive so It could not format this too :-)
>     It came up working but, it could not find the Internet and the 
> screen was format at far less than This ubuntu. I think windows has big 
> problems with nVidai too. But my computer can load windows but there can 
> not be any other thing on the hard drive.

You will need to load up the Windows drivers for the Nvidia card and
your ethernet card. There is usually a CD with all the necessary drivers
that comes with the box, but failing that you will need to download them
from the manufacturer's web site (the relevant card manufacturer, I mean).

It's something I like about Ubuntu in that you don't have to do this! It
just works out of the box!


P.S., Posting about Windoze on an Ubuntu mailing list is probably not a
good idea!
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