Hardy. PulseAudio. How does it work? I have no sound.

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at angrykeyboarder.com
Mon Mar 17 00:39:50 UTC 2008

I just installed a fresh copy of Hardy (daily live CD 15Mar08).

When I first started up there was no sound at all. After I did an update 
(only one program that had nothing to do with sound) and later rebooted 
(unrelated) I had sound but only at the GDM login screen.

Once i logged in there was no sound.

I understand PulseAudio has replaced ESD (I think that's right).  But the 
mixer was set to ALSA for my onboard card (said card is actually disabled 
in the BIOS).

So I looked at the other options on the "Change Device" menu and 
concluded that I should be using option #4 [1] since Hardy is using 

	[1] http://angrykeyboarder.com/images/off/ss/gvc.png

So I switched to that option from #1. It leaves me with no controls other 
than "master" and I can't find anything in the GNOME menus that is any 
more specific.

I tried setting it back to just the old Audigy 2 ALSA mixer option and 
that didn't do anything for me either.

So then....

	1) How is PulseAudio going to affect users in regard to how they 
get/set up sound?

	2. How can I get sound now?

	3. Do any of the old (pre PulseAudio) troubleshooting tips apply?

	4. Where are the individual mixer controls for PulseAudio hiding?

	5. Where do I find PulseAudio documentation (other than man 
pages)? There is none that is "user friendly" (read just under the 
"sound" category) in Yelp.

	6. What am I missing here? Finding the controls for PulseAudio 
shouldn't be this difficult should it?

Oh and in case you need to know..

$ uname -a Linux ubuntu 2.6.24-12-generic #1 SMP Wed Mar 12 23:01:54 UTC 
2008 i686 GNU/Linux

Thanks in advance.

BTW, other than the sound issue. Everything (so far) in Hardy, rocks.

I've never used an OS I didn't (dis)like.
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