Evolution's crazy habit with moving an e-mail to a folder !?

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux i-ubux at synass.net
Sun Mar 16 23:30:46 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 15:48 +0100, Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 21:35 +0800, SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:
> > I maintain about 15 mail accts and about the same amount of aliases or
> > forwarders !
> > Some are private and some are hobby or IT related !!
> > 
> > My table looks like the following sample:
> > 
> > c-Alberto
> > c-Bianca
> > c-Carlo
> > i-ubux
> > p-news
> > c-Mario
> I see. I don't have such a setup, so I can't compare. But even so, I do
> note that this is not your only sorting issue -- you also have a sorting
> problem in the menus, as I recall.

Hi Mario, be careful and don't mismatch:
This is application / Evolution specific !

> Maybe, just maybe, there is a problem with your locale settings that
> affects both issues. Did you see sorting issues anywhere else? And what
> is the output if you enter "locale" on the command line?

SYN at WS222:~$ locale
SYN at WS222:~$ 

> > Not only:
> > Getting new mails ...
> > ... it starts with c-Mario and fetches the messages table backwards ;-((
> I don't know about this, either. Maybe it's as designed, maybe not.

Human reading normally is from top to bottom !? ;-)

> > OOPpss ...
> > ... you call these Top/Up/Down Botom a sorting ??? ;-((
> > Thats very poor !!! ;-|
> > I do really not know how many filters, NOW we come to filter & rules, I
> > have set !? ;-|
> > There are quite a few and I am sure there are some doublets !! ;-)
> > 
> > I would expect a sort of all filter entries either increasing or
> > decreasing alphabetically !!! ;-D
> > Only a proper sort of all these entries helps to check and maintain them
> > reasonably.
> No, it is not possible to have them sorted alphabetically. As I have
> tried to explain in another subthread of the same thread, THE FILTER
> ORDER MATTERS, because the filters are applied in sequence. A filter
> named "ubuntu" may have to be applied _before a filter named "mario",
> depending on what it actually filters on, and the actual filter setup.
> For your convenience I will copy again, to the bottom of this email,
> what I wrote in the other. And below that you will find a quote from
> Evolution's Help menu that also explains the same thing. It would be
> nice if this time you actually read and tried to understand it, instead
> of thinking you know it all and dismissing it out of hand. Because you
> clearly don't. Mario

OOPpss, Mario !
Your 2 last sentences are quite disappointing !
It has absolutely nothing to do with "knowing all" !!
And of course I do understand how these filters are working !!!

But: Working and maintenance are two different things !!
How does one check and maintain Evolution's filter list with more than
only a handfull of entries ?

Well, we better stop here. I wait for Lotus Notes for Ubuntu to come
in the meantime I may play with Evolution and Thunderbird. ;-))

Cheers, svobi

> -----copy from other email-----
> What happens is that the filters are run in sequence, but just because
> one filter applies to a message, that does not mean that other filters
> don't. The mail practically "dribbles" down through all the filters, and
> whenever a condition is true, the defined action is taken.
> If this is not the desired behavior, one must set a "Stop Processing"
> action. 
> Simple Example:
> Filter 1: if message body contains "that", move to folder "that"
> Filter 2: if message body contains "email", move to folder "email"
> Now if a message comes in that contains the words "that email", filter 1
> will apply and move it to "that", and then filter 2 will apply and move
> it to "email".
> If you don't want 2 to happen, you need to end the conditions in filter
> 1 with "Stop Processing". This also makes filtering faster
> -----and here's the quote from Evolution's help-----
> If you have several filters that match a single message, they are all
> applied to the message in order, unless one of the filters has the Stop
> Processing action. If you use that action in a filter, the messages that
> it affects are not touched by other filters.
> When you first open the Filters dialog box, you are shown the list of
> filters sorted in the order in which they will be applied. You can move
> them up and down in the priority list by clicking the Up and Down
> buttons.

Yeah !
I maintain my endless filter list a little more helpful and
intelligent !

The "search name" field (first entry = name of filter) only says:
Mail from Mario Vukelic

I always modify like following:
A&M Mail from Mario Vukelic = accept & move to a specific i-ubux Inbox
C&M Mails checked with the respective rule will go into specific Junk

Any better idea available ?

Cheers, svobi

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