7.10 remote access riddle

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Bernard Peek wrote:

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    I have a home network with a four port ADSL router with one of those
    ports connected to a further 8 port switch. I'm trying to connect a
    new box, it's a Creative Labs Slix. I've got 7.10 installed on it
    with its firewall running. The firewall is set to permit access from
    selected 192.168.0 addresses.

    When I connect it to the 8-port switch I can connect to the Slix
    with SSH or VNC from my laptop, which is one of the addresses
    allowed by the firewall rules. When I plug the Slix into the spare
    port of the router I can't connect using either VNC or SSH, although
    I can ping it. I'm using the same laptop, a known-good network cable
    and a known-good port on the router.

    Any idea what might be causing the problem?
    bap at shrdlu.com


Have you looked at your /etc/hosts.allow file to be sure the new IP 
address is in there or allowed. The other thing is to be sure that it is 
NOT included in the /etc/hosts.deny.

This is just a shot in the dark, however, it bit me once or twice.

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