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> Hey,
>   Is there a reason why you're using the debian package instead of
> the tarballs from the drupal site?
>   The Drupal 5.x branch is up to 5.7 now (with many security fixes
> along the way) and there is a new (not yet mature)
> 6.x branch which has just been released.
>   Drupal only really requires access to a database (eg mysql) and a
> web server (eg apache) and can usually be installed (base install)
> in a few minutes by hand.
I have several reasons for that! If I would use Drupal form the
sources, I wouldn't use Ubuntu.

Is the drupal package form feisty such a secure problem? If so, can
someone tell me who is the Ubuntu package mantainer for Drupal? Maybe
it is possible to build a backport package? I'm willing to help and to
>   That out of the way, the error is because it can't connect
> to the database after the upgrade. It has
> replaced the dbsettings.php file just before the error which probably
holds the database URI and password.
>   Check out this thread:
>   (2nd result googling for "sites/default/dbconfig.php")
This link leads me to

where I got a good explanation and solution. THX!



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