Local Printers Greyed Out In Add Printer Wizard

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Wed Mar 12 03:02:12 UTC 2008

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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Yeah, I posted to Kubuntu User list, got one reply and
> no solution. So, I'll try here as I usually post here
> because get better help. Here is the original post:
>> From: Leonard Chatagnier <lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net>
>> Subject: Add Printer Wizard Issue
>> To: Kubuntu Users List
>> <kubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com>
>> I am desperate to get a local usb printer installed
>> on
>> my AMD64 X2 6000+ Gateway machine. Have been trying
>> for days using localhost:631/admin and System
>> Settings
>> -> Printers -> Add printers/classes. The info I need
>> to print is for income tax preparation and time is
>> running out.  What I find in System Settings ->
>> Printers -> Add printers/classes is that the "local
>> printers(parallel, serial, usb) is greyed out and
>> when
>> it it greyed out nothing will install the printer
>> for
>> me. Can anyone please tell me how to make the local
>> printers button active again so that I can install
>> my
>> Epson Stylus CX5800F USB printer. Am getting rather
>> desperate and need a solution quickly. Thanks very
>> much for you help,
> I have googled on this to no end; more than a week and
> find many hits but no solution for me. This issue has
> come up before and got fixed but don't remember how.
> I could really use some help on this. Many thanks for
> any info.
> Leonard Chatagnier
> lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
Make sure printer is hook-ed up, powered up and then go to terminal and
type lsusb and see if the printer shows up.

If it does, you probably just don't have a driver for your printer.

You can check the availability of drivers for your specific printer at


They probably have what you need.

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