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Tue Mar 11 17:20:09 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-03-10 at 16:51 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
> I have a D-Link Model DI-524 which I plug into the router that is 
> part of my DSL modem. The plug I am using is IP I think. I 
> had this thing working once but lost the setup that worked. I am trying 
> the method the device calls fixed IP but that does not work although it 
> seems it should :-)
>     Another method is MAC address and the D-Link sends it's MAC address 
> to the router and this does not work too. It has a PPOP mode where I 
> need to provide a name and password but I have no idea which ones.
>     The DSL router is providing the D-Link router it's WAN. I think that 
> may be the problem. I do not know how to present the WAN.
> Karl
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Karl, do you really need the Dlink router?  If your DSL modem has
built-in firewall functions, and enough built-in ethernet ports, try
connecting your network computers directly to the modem, and forget the
Dlink router.  If your modem does not have enough ethernet ports, just
get a cheap switch ($15-$20) and use that to connect your computers to
the DSL modem. No setup required for the switch.  

When I first got DSL, the DSL modem had a built-in configurable
firewall, but just one ethernet port.  I tried using an external router
to connect my network to the modem, but the router and modem just would
not get along with each other.  Probably a PEBKAC problem . . .   

Anyway, using a switch instead of the router worked fine.  Try it.  But
don't forget to set up your DSL modem's firewall functions!  


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