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steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Tue Mar 11 00:58:58 UTC 2008

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Karl Larsen wrote:

|     The question is: what do I need to give the little thing so it works
| as I explain it is hooked up?

- -first thing I would do is disconnect whatever router you have AFTER the
dsl modem.

- -Then directly connect via ethernet the dsl modem to your pc.

- -Then find what instructions you have for the dsl modem/ or/ call tech
support to find out what the web config address is for the dsl modem.
everyone is different by brand.

- -THEN, type in the address, probably something like or
whatever.  insert your sign on name, and password into the web config,
and there should be a check box for "reconnect on disconnect" or
something like that.  check it, save settings.   you should have
internet now.

- -next step.  unplug your pc ethernet cord from the dsl modem, and plug
the ethernet cord into your routers "internet" port.

- -then plug your pc ethernet cord into an open port on your router.

- -wait 30 secs or so, you should have internet.  if not, power cycle the
router, then should be ok. if not, power cycle both the modem and the
router at the same time.

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Steve Reilly


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