Logitech USB Camera-Microphone Combo

Peter Spotts pspotts at alum.mit.edu
Mon Mar 10 12:11:10 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-03-09 at 22:49 -0400, Tom wrote:
> Hello All:
> My hobby is ham radio and I just installed a windows application known
> as echo link, a VOIP application for hams. I did the install w/ Ubuntu
> 7.10/wine platform. The app works fine except for voice transmit mode.
> I suspect that there is no driver installed for the Logitech USB
> camera-microphone hardware. 
> Is there a linux app that will drive this hardware....or...would it be
> better to install the Logitech windows driver w/ wine?????
> I would appreciate your inputs....thanks, and regards,
> Tom N8TL

Hi Tom,

Before you suspect the hardware, check your firewall settings. They may
need to change in order for you to get your voice out over Echolink.
(BTW, try QTEL. It's native to Linux and does the same thing. It's more
resource-efficient without wine as an intermediary.) There's a tutorial
-- or at least a link to a tutorial -- on the Echolink's page that walks
you through that process of tweaking your firewall settings. Since my
firewall is on my wifi router, that's where I had to make the changes.

With best regards,


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