Installing a program with exe file

squareyes squareyes at
Sun Mar 9 12:37:58 UTC 2008

Bjørn Simonsen wrote:
> Hi
>         I am a newbe on this list and I did install Ubuntu 7.10 some
>         days ago.
>         I wish to install a dictionary, Clue, that I used on my old
>         Windows 98
>         platform.
>         I started on the Welcome to Ubuntu 7.10 page, official Ubuntu
>         documentation website.
>         On the "Documentation for Ubuntu 7.10" page I chosed "Adding and
>         Removing Software.
>         I have Synaptic Package Manager, and I chosed it fro, System,
>         Administration, Synaptic Manager.
>         I placed the Program CD in the computer. ------ And now I don't
>         know
>         what to do.
>         Can anybody help?
>         bjorn
Hi Bjorn,
Windows software will not work on Ubuntu, programmes listed in Synaptic will
work on Ubuntu.

Try opening Synaptic and typing in "Search"  dictionary and see what 
comes up.
Install from synaptic

Hope this helps
Take Care

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