nautilus question (possible bug)

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Mar 7 19:07:48 UTC 2008

On 03/07/2008 10:49 AM, Sam Fielder wrote:
> I am trying to create a launcher for a file in my home directory to 
> access that folder directly instead of navigating (it is pretty deep)
>  thru home/sam/.
> done so far: create launcher url= file:///home/sam/School (this might
> be the problem, but I can't be sure so...)

You created it as a "Location" right? Try editing your properties
(right-click the icon, select Properties, then Link.

Example: file:///home/<username>/tempdir/ works for me with or without
Nautilus being open. If Nautilus open, it opens a new Nautilus window.
If I put a file file:///home/<username>/tempdir/somefile.ods it goes
ahead and launches the file in OOo Calc. If I change to
file:///home/<username>/tempdir/somefile and 'somefile' is a plain text
file it opens the file in gedit.

> the launcher works fine, but ONLY when I already have a nautilus
> window open. If I don't have a window open, it will open /home/sam.
> I have also been experiencing problems with opening text files in the
>  gui, which I suspect is related
> what happens in this issue is if I open a file from the launcher (i
> used the launcher to open the folder /home/sam/School) gedit opens
> 'Unsaved Document 1' which is the default when you open gedit without
> a file. BUT, when I navigate thru /home/sam/School directly, it opens
> as expected.

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