sharing and internet connection via peer to peer

komputes komputes at
Fri Mar 7 15:54:48 UTC 2008

I wrote up a comprehensible method of doing this using what is known as 
"masquerading". I don't know what a "wireless cable" is exactly, but I 
will try to help you anyhow. I had this setup going for a few months 
until I got a router, I just set up scripts to run these command every 
time I wanted to turn on the sharing to my 2nd computer.

 From what I understand you want this setup:
(Wifi AP/Router) ) ) ) ) (wifi0|-laptop-pc1-|eth0)=====(eth0|-pc2-)

If this is the case, it shouldn't be too hard to replicate what I did.

Good luck, hope it helps!

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debiani386 wrote:
> hi everyone
> i have 2 ubuntu computers hooked in via crossover cable and i have 1 
> wireless cable.
> What i want to do is temporarily set up internet connection sharing on 1 
> computer so i dont have to swap my wireless between my 2 computers.
> ive googled and gone through several tutorials with no avail. even tried 
> internet connection sharing via firestarter and it didnt work
> is it possible to set up internet connection sharing with a p2p network 
> like this  and of so, how?
> --cj

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