New User in need of quick lesson

Bernard Peek bap at
Fri Mar 7 11:09:50 UTC 2008

Jesse Robertson wrote:
> Thank you both for your responses.  I printed your list Kim which will 
> prove invaluable in the future.  When I had to work on AIX I kept a 
> sheet like that handy but it is in the server room at work a few hours 
> away.  Jack you have certainly taught me something new.  I was aware of 
> man and info but the others are new to me. 
> Again thanks so much for your fast responses.  Hopefully after a few 
> months of this I can return the favor and help out some others.

If your budget will stretch to a dead-tree resource there's a useful 
book called "The BASH Cookbook" from O'Reilly. I bought it after seeing 
good reviews and I'm glad I did.

bap at

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