New User in need of quick lesson

Felipe Figueiredo philsf79 at
Fri Mar 7 05:55:49 UTC 2008

On Thu 06 Mar 2008 21:33:28 Jesse Robertson wrote:

> So a crash course on command line linux would 
> be really helpful.  Does anyone know of a decent one you can point me too?

The following is not an introductory text, but a list of good advice.

The good thing for you, is that you can take this as a list of some of the 
most useful commands and procedures. You don't need to understand it in the 
first time you read it (even though I thought it be well written and 
straighforward), and can use individual command help as a side reading.

Other than that, you could ask specific questions and people can try to work 
out command line solutions.


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