Help with 64-bit desktop Gutsy and NVidia drivers

Scott R. Ehrlich scott at MIT.EDU
Fri Mar 7 00:34:24 UTC 2008

[I received no answers on this, so I'm emailing it again]

I just installed a 64-bit version of Gutsy on a system with an NVidia 
Quadro FX 3450/4000 DVI card, with both ports being used by LCD displays 
via DVI cables.

I obtained the special nvidia restricted kernel via apt-get, and both monitors 
are properly showing video at their highest resolution, with a desktop that 
spans across them.

The problem is, I can't figure out how to tell the system, when expanding a 
window to full/maximum view, to not span across both monitors, but instead, 
expand in just the monitor it is in.  This is how the NVidia driver (from 
Nvidia's site) works under CentOS with the similar setup.

Thanks for any leads/help.


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