sharing and internet connection via peer to peer

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Fri Mar 7 05:46:30 UTC 2008

David Vincent wrote:
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> debiani386 wrote:
>> i have 2 ubuntu computers hooked in via crossover cable and i have 1 
>> wireless cable.
> just asking - what exactly is a "wireless cable"?  :)
sorry i meant wireless adapter
>> What i want to do is temporarily set up internet connection sharing on 1 
>> computer so i dont have to swap my wireless between my 2 computers.
>> ive googled and gone through several tutorials with no avail. even tried 
>> internet connection sharing via firestarter and it didnt work
> what settings did you have in the "Network Settings" section on
> Firestarter?  are you sure you had the right network cards selected?
> "Internet connected network device" was your wireless card and "Local
> network connected device" was your wired one?
> - -d
i am certain i had the right cards selected
Eth2 (my wireless) is my rout to the internet and thats the one i chose 
for my internet connection
Eth1 (my LAN) is the one connected to the other computer. Both computers 
can ping each other.

But every time i go to start the firewall, firestarter stops and tells 
me that ETH1 is not ready. And thats with or without the other computer 

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