New to Ubuntu and need to have offline repository server

Roberto de Sousa r_de_sousa at
Thu Mar 6 01:50:36 UTC 2008

Dear all,
Could someone help me please.

Here is what i wanted to do and i do not where to start and where to find instruction on how to do it.

I wanted to build a laptop with ubuntu repository server on it so that i can carry it around and install ubuntu (gutsy) without having to connect it to internet. It is almost impossible to get internet connection in East Timor and even i have access to it.. it's very slow. I frequently travel to many places in East Timor and most of the place that i visit have no internet access at all. I was wondering if i could use my laptop as a repository server and have other PC connected to it and build the ubuntu.

what should i do? i do not wanted to carry the CD around... and it would be great if i can have multiple installation at the same time.

Please help...

Thanks a lot for advises or solutions.


Roberto de Sousa

buka wainhira la hatene, buka atu hatene liu tan 


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