Running an application

Siraj Shaikh siraj.shaikh at
Wed Mar 5 16:05:19 UTC 2008


I am wondering if someon can help me with running an application on
ubuntu. I am new to Linux.

I have ubuntu 7.04 installed on one of my desktop machines. I am
trying to run an application it. The program, FDR, comes with an
instruction which I have followed but I think it doesnt seem to work.
I just want to know if I am following the instructions correctly.

I downloaded the linux binary, fdr-2.83-linux-academic.tar.gz, and
have extracted files from it, placing them in my home folder, in the
folder "fdr-2.83-linux-academic"


where user1 is my username for example. Then the instructions says,

# set the FDRHOME environemnt variable appropriately
export FDRHOME=$PWD/fdr-2.83-linux-academic

so I have done

export FDRHOME=/home/user1/fdr-2.83-linux-academic

and the command is taken fine by the system. After that, in the
"fdr-2.83-linux-academic" folder, there is a bin folder, in which
there is a file "fdr2" which is a "Link to shell script" which is what
I am supposed to click on to run the program. But when I do nothing

Any ideas where may I be going wrong? Is ther some other file should I
be looking at to run this program? Am I setting the FDRHOME variable

Any help on this would be great



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