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Jorge D. Diaz Kropman jdiazkropman at
Tue Mar 4 17:57:20 UTC 2008

Hello everybody,


I'm having a hard time installing Ubuntu Server. I'm using a Dell PowerEdge
SC1420 with a 160GB SATA HDD. The installation always gets stuck at 6% while
reading a particular file. I thought I might have a corrupted ISO so I ran
the md5sum and it's ok. The CD was burned minutes before the installation,
but just in case, I burned another. I got the same problem. 


I was using Ubuntu Server 6.06 downloaded from MIT, so I tried version 7
downloaded from a different mirror..ran the md5sum and everything was ok
again. I burned a new CD and tried, and same thing got stuck at
6% only this time the file was different as I think the 6% of a different
version is a different file ;-) So I thought it could be a
physical/mechanical problem with the CD Drive. I replaced the CD drive and
tested with all 3 CDs (2 from version 6.06 and 1 form version 7), and it
always gets stuck in 6% of the Base System installation..


I'll greatly appreciate your comments as I don't know at this point where
the problem might be. I checked checksums, tried several CDs, versions, and
CD drive, and it always gets stuck at 6% of the base system installation.


Thank you everybody and have a great day!!



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