Multiple gnome sessions for 1 user in Gutsy

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Mar 4 17:07:29 UTC 2008

Rashkae wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Mario Vukelic wrote:
>>> As far as I can see (but I'm tired) the help page in Hardy does not say
>>> this. Which is what I would figure correct, since AFAIK simultaneous
>>> logins by the same Gnome user do not work
>> They don't?  I can have multiple simultaneous KDE sessions (thankfully! I
>> rely heavily on it) and I can't see why Gnome should be different.  I
>> _always_ have a KDE NX session open (from my work XP desktop), and a
>> session directly on the laptop.
>>> and will heavily break the session.
>> It shouldn't "break" the session, but the session you get restored at
>> next login will always be the one from which you last logged out - not
>> necessarily the one you want.
> I used to rely on this with KDE as well, and will probably switch back
> because of this.  It doesn't work well in gnome (my inability to manauly
> create additional sessions in the manager notwithstanding)
> Things that go wonky if you try:
> gnome-terminal windows will not open in a second session unless you add
> --disable-factory to the launcher.
> Many gnome applets will not work on the second session.  Volume Control,
> system monitors, CPU Frequency and Batter applets all refust to start on
> the second session.

Ack.  I keep telling myself I really should learn to use Gnome - it could be
better.  That's a deal breaker for me.
> Removable media auto-run will only work on one of your sessions, chances
> are the second/remote one.. (ie, I put a dvd in my dvd drive at the
> workstation, and the movie starts playing on the *other* computer in
> office)

I don't remember how that works on KDE, but istr that when I come back to a
second session I'll find an autorun prompt on it - even if the media's been
long since used and removed in the first session.

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