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Anthony Papillion wrote:
|> But you know, even after listening you describe the sound I don't
|> immediately see (or hear) what you are experiencing.  I'm not even
sure you
|> went so far as telling folks what sound system you were using....
| Ed, thank you for your reply. I suppose I should have more accurately
| said that I couldn't *adequately* describe my issue in text.
| Obviously, I know *what* I'm experiencing  but I'm not sure how to
| describe it correctly. That's why I posted the video. Describing
| something as a 'flapping sound behind the words' doesn't convey a lot.
| But describing that sound and you hearing it in the video does so
| that's why I did the video instead of text.
| If you listen to the video closely, you will notice that, as I speak,
| there is a 'flapping' or 'popping' sound interspersed within my words.
| It's almost the sound you get if you turn a mic on and off
| periodically...that 'pop'. It's not really pronounced but it's there.
| Now, as to not saying what sound system I am using, you're right: I
| didn't and that's because I am not sure what you mean. The hardware is
| made by Realtek and I've tried using both the RealTek and OSS driver
| for the sound and it makes no difference. Is that what you mean?
| Thanks Again,
| Anthony

it sounds fine to me?... the only thing i can think of is if you right
click on volume icon, and open volume control, turn your mic down a
little? or maybe its the mic? flash for linux is NOT  as advanced yet as
for windows.

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