Can anyone help?

Anthony Papillion papillion at
Tue Mar 4 04:52:58 UTC 2008

> But you know, even after listening you describe the sound I don't
> immediately see (or hear) what you are experiencing.  I'm not even sure you
> went so far as telling folks what sound system you were using....

Ed, thank you for your reply. I suppose I should have more accurately
said that I couldn't *adequately* describe my issue in text.
Obviously, I know *what* I'm experiencing  but I'm not sure how to
describe it correctly. That's why I posted the video. Describing
something as a 'flapping sound behind the words' doesn't convey a lot.
But describing that sound and you hearing it in the video does so
that's why I did the video instead of text.

If you listen to the video closely, you will notice that, as I speak,
there is a 'flapping' or 'popping' sound interspersed within my words.
It's almost the sound you get if you turn a mic on and off
periodically...that 'pop'. It's not really pronounced but it's there.

Now, as to not saying what sound system I am using, you're right: I
didn't and that's because I am not sure what you mean. The hardware is
made by Realtek and I've tried using both the RealTek and OSS driver
for the sound and it makes no difference. Is that what you mean?

Thanks Again,

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