Ubuntu 7.10's GParted 0.3.3: How to get it more accurate ?

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Mon Mar 3 22:10:26 UTC 2008

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-03-03 at 09:00 -0800, Richard Rudnick wrote:
> > gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main,
> > is optional. Version 0.3.5-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 340 kB,
> > installed size 2100 kB
> Unfortunately I am unable to follow resp getting it ;-(
> My Synaptic still shows GParted with version 0.3.3-2 only !

That's right - you are using Gutsy, not Hardy. This version isn't 
available for Gutsy. Therefore you could do one of these:

- compile the new version from the source code,
- wait for Hardy until it is ready in April,
- use the alpha version of Hardy.


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