After update Thunderbird crashs constantly

David Vincent dvincent at
Sun Mar 2 02:41:22 UTC 2008

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Karl Larsen wrote:
> Wade Smart wrote:
>> 03012008 1700 GMT-6
>> Did anyone notice that after the Thunderbird update today that 
>> Thunderbird is now crashing constantly? Ok, crashing is not the word. 
>> When I send a email it just disappears - the entire app. When I check 
>> mail, move mail to any folder, try to add a new calendar event - it just 
>> goes away.

Hi Wade.

No problems here, everything is good.  Anything in your
var/log/messsages or syslog about the crash?  Maybe running TB from a
terminal may help, it might spit out an error when it crashes...

Also, try disabling any extensions you may have installed - I find with
Mozilla apps (like with Windows) it is usually the third-party add-ons
which cause instability.

>     I got the update yes and my Thunderbird is running just as good as 
> always. If you haven't rebooted since the update do that right now.

This isn't Windows, how exactly would that help?  Logging out and
logging back in to a GDM session should be enough if the OP was running
TB while the upgrade was in progress.  Usually just exiting TB and
restarting it would do the trick.  Failing that dropping to a terminal
and issuing a...

$ killall thunderbird

...would do it too.

- -d
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