After update Thunderbird crashs constantly

Willis Taylor gods-servant at
Sun Mar 2 03:53:40 UTC 2008

There is no problem here with it.

David Vincent wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>> Wade Smart wrote:
>>> 03012008 1700 GMT-6
>>> Did anyone notice that after the Thunderbird update today that 
>>> Thunderbird is now crashing constantly? Ok, crashing is not the word. 
>>> When I send a email it just disappears - the entire app. When I check 
>>> mail, move mail to any folder, try to add a new calendar event - it just 
>>> goes away.
> Hi Wade.
> No problems here, everything is good.  Anything in your
> var/log/messsages or syslog about the crash?  Maybe running TB from a
> terminal may help, it might spit out an error when it crashes...
> Also, try disabling any extensions you may have installed - I find with
> Mozilla apps (like with Windows) it is usually the third-party add-ons
> which cause instability.
>>     I got the update yes and my Thunderbird is running just as good as 
>> always. If you haven't rebooted since the update do that right now.
> This isn't Windows, how exactly would that help?  Logging out and
> logging back in to a GDM session should be enough if the OP was running
> TB while the upgrade was in progress.  Usually just exiting TB and
> restarting it would do the trick.  Failing that dropping to a terminal
> and issuing a...
> $ killall thunderbird
> ...would do it too.
> -d

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