Problems and Questions about the upsd package (multiverse) on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron)

Jay Ridgley jridgley2 at
Mon Jun 30 03:19:59 UTC 2008

cc: Micheal Robinton

I just installed the package on two desktop systems, each with a 
different Belkin UPS and after reading the README files and examining 
both the /etc/default/upsd and the /etc/upsd.conf files. I have the 
following questions:

1. How do you indicate the correct USB Device name in /etc/default/upsd 
( the one for the serial connection is correct)?

2. How do you determine the pin-outs for the supplied cables? I will try 
asking Belkin tech support, in the morning, but I do not know how much 
info I will get from them. If anyone knows please let me know...

The information I have about the units and the current settings in the 
files are:

Unit 1 (Belkin F6H375-USB)
/etc/default/upsd contains: /dev/ttyS0 <-- I doubt that this is right...

Unit 2 (Belkin F6C800-SER)
/etc/default/upsd contains: /dev/ttyS0 <-- This is correct

/etc/upsd.conf shows two entries; neither is for my unit types... are 
ALL Belkin upsd cables the same?

When I start the Daemon using: sudo /etc/init.d/upsd  start 
Both start up however Unit 1 (USB) has an entry in syslog showing 
UPS-ERROR (Which in light of the wrong entry in the /etc/default/upsd 
file is not surprising).  Unit 2 (SER) on the other hand reports 
LOW-BATTERY  regardless of  which one of the two options contained in 
/etc/upsd.conf I use. One is for an APC or compatible UPS in 'dumb' mode 
and the other is for a Belkin resource F5C520c. Both Daemons continue to 

NOTE: I have a version of the Belkin Bulldog software available to me 
but I would rather use the supplied (multiverse) package. The Belkin S/W 
shows the status information for Unit 2 correctly, however it is a 
resource hog!


Jay Ridgley
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