Mounting a new drive

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at
Wed Jun 25 14:15:52 UTC 2008

David Curtis wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-06-24 at 16:25 -0700, Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
>> I have a Hitachi 320gb drive that was until an hour ago formatted as
>> NTFS. It was seen by Gnome and showed up on my desktop. After pulling
>> all its data off, I decided I wanted to reformat it so it would be a
>> "native" file format and no NTFS anymore. So far so good. But now I'm
>> stuck trying to edit /etc/fstab to get it to display. Is there an easy
>> GUI tool to help me do this, like the NTFS configuration tool? Failing
>> that, how do I create a mount point that /etc/fstab will like (I
>> presume on /media/)
>> The partition is /dev/sdd1. Reiser file system. Type-Linux (0x83).
>> Label=Hitachi300. UUID=27bb8f9b-38ab-4398-92c5-4fbc0dd970a1. I'll
>> provide more info if this isn't enough.
>> -- 
> Well, I've never used Reiserfs before so there might be something I'm
> missing. But...
> UUID=27bb8f9b-38ab-4398-92c5-4fbc0dd970a1 /media/newpartition
> reiserfs    relatime,errors=remount-ro 0       1
> could possibly do the trick although 'man fstab' mentions only ext2 and
> xfs as identifiable by thier UUID (but then again ext3 works like this).
> Don't think your going to harm anything by giving the above a try. If it
> doesn't work give 'man mount' and 'man fstab' a read.
> Dave

I've already got that far (creating the /etc/fstab entry).  The drive 
is visible in the file manager, but isn't yet mountable...but will be 
in 15 minutes.  I see from the post by Rashkae that I needed to create 
the mount point folder.  That's what comes of being very tired when 
doing this.  [Homer Simpson voice...."doh!"]  The obvious next step 
was eluding me!  Thanks anyway.  BTW, no problems with reiser.  All my 
*nix drives are resier. Works like a champ.  Sets up just like ext3.
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