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> Alain Muls wrote:
>> Hi
>> I use a philips voip0801 phone as a sound device for skype calls. It 
>> is very handy, but I can not hear the phone ringing when someone wants 
>> to call me. I enabled the popup notification in skype for incoming 
>> calls, but honestly, I do not see the message. So I tried to use the 
>> following script only for the incoming calls:
>> xmessage -center -font -adobe-times-bold-r-*-*-25-*-*-*-*-* INCOMING 
>> When my colleague phoned, he got a message I was having problems with 
>> my sound card. Calling him form my phone was no problem at all, so the 
>> sound card should not be th eproblem. Is perhaps the script hanging 
>> the skype application? Or does someone have a better suggestion for 
>> getting a real visible message when I have an incoming call.
>> Tx/Alain
> Nop ... It's not it. Are you listening to music or doing something else 
> while being called?
> The main issue here is between Skype and Ubuntu 8.04. To make the story 
> short: Hardy implements PulseAudio, Skype does not want to implement 
> PulseAudio and, therefore, it tries to use ALSA. ALSA tries to take over 
> the sound card (because through alsa you, usually, output only 1 sound 
> at a time, no multiple sources permitted, like in PulseAudio or dmixer), 
> but, because it is used by something else already, it will fail and 
> report "Problem with audio playback/capture" to the other person.
> As for the popup, I think it should appear after a restart or so... 
> don't know why, but it happened to me too and then, out of a sudden, it 
> was on... (strange Skype)
> Solution:
> There is a guide somewhere on how to implement multiple sounds even for 
> Skype, but I wasn't able to follow it: 
>'t know why, but the link 
> doesn't work for me... )
> Also, a more brute force approach: 
> In the end, Google is your friend ... 
> Have phun,
> Catalin

I found a solution.
In skype you can direct the sound to:

Sound In: sent to my philips phone
Sound Out: idem
Ringing: sent to default device which is the PC speakers


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