Problems installing. No ISO, WUBI not working

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Jun 23 14:45:14 UTC 2008

Michael "TheZorch" Haney wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> pfft.  Wifi on linux works with virtually _all_ devices, now.  For many
>> of them, we still need to rely on ndiswrapper, but there are very few
>> devices that won't work with either a native driver or ndis.
> The MadWifi drivers included in Hardy with the pre-installed Ubuntu
> Restricted Extras is recommended by the manufacturer of my wifi adapter
> which is built into my Acer Aspire 4520 laptop.  Its the Atheros
> AR5007EG Wireless Adapter.  The drivers for the Atheros adapter and
> Atheros HAL show up in System~>Administration~>Hardware Drivers as
> Enabled and In Use, but in System~>Administration~>Network there is no
> Wireless Connection listing only Wired Connection and PPP Connection and

I did say "virtually all".  And as I just posted, Windows XP won't work with
my wife's D-link DWL-6550 even _with_ the install CD, so Windows doesn't
work with all wireless either.  However, if the manufacturer of your
adapter is recommending Madwifi, and it isn't working, ask _them_ why not.

> there is no interface for scanning for or even setting up a wireless
> connection.  

Sure there is, it's called Network Manager, and it's automatic and wouldn't
require any manual configuration ... if it could find a wireless device. 
Meanwhile, run "iwconfig" and "sudo iwlist scan" from a terminal.

> My router doesn't broadcast its ID so I need to setup the 
> ID and WEP Passcode manually to connect, but I see absolutely nothing
> which will let me do that.

No idea if this is possible, yet.  I know it didn't used to be, but users
want it.  You may be better off with one of the other network tools if you
have to do that, but that isn't related to whether or not your wifi
actually works. btw, there is no conceivable reason for not broadcasting
your ssid.  It causes headaches for you, and none for hackers.

> The wifi adapter activity light on my laptop 
> is dark when I'm in Linux also.

Sometimes that light seems to be independently controlled, other times it
_can_ only come on when the wifi is working, so for now it's pretty

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