After todays updates Open Office won't start.

Fred Schuelzky phredsky at
Thu Jun 19 03:20:13 UTC 2008

debian wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-06-18 at 17:47 -0500, Fred Schuelzky wrote:
>> Came home from work, and there were 41 updates. I'm new to Ubuntu and 
>> always blindly hit the install button.  A lot of the updates were open 
>> office related. Now none of the Open Office app's will open. Has anyone 
>> else encountered this problem?  Where do I start to troubleshoot? I am 
>> running hardy with yesterday's new kernel.
>> Thanks
>> Fred
> you may just try reinstalling it. OO works fine on my end and i updated
> too
> first you need to remove it, open the terminal and type : 
> sudo apt-get remove openoffice
> wait for it to complete
> then type
> sudo apt-get install openoffice
> hth
> --cj
	Followed your directions to the letter and now everything is back up 
and running.  Thank you very much.


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