menu.lst options

Alan Milnes deep64blue at
Wed Jun 18 12:12:59 UTC 2008

Young wrote:
> This latest update is asking me a question I can't answer. I don't 
> understand the implications.
> It has apparently already done the update, so there's no backing out, to 
> give me time to research.
> The window is titled Debconf, the question is:
> What would you like to do with menu.lst.
> I know that menu.lst is used by Grub. I edited it to change the default 
> to Windows, changed the pause time, and set it to update itself during 
> upgrades. It worked during the last kernal upgrade. What's different 
> about this one?
> What do the choices mean?
Basically it's asking do you want the system to update menu.lst with 
your new kernel or not. If you accept the package maintainers choice you 
may have to re-edit some of your preferences back, although normally 
most are automagically carried forward. If you keep your version you 
will need to add the new kernels themselves.


PS I've fixed your title - I read this thinking there was some major new 
problem.  Please be more careful and precise with your titles in future. 

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