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Wed Jun 18 00:39:26 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Hey Karl,
> Decided to take your advise as I don't care for
> anything as complicated as postfix to set up.  Did
> that before with list help and still don't know what
> got mutt to read root mail.  However, you said to
> install mailx and mailutil(s) which on my gutsy are
> conflicting. I can install either one but not both. 
> Care to qualify your instructions.

On Hardy it took both. I am still fooling with mine and found that there 
is no such thing as karl and root in /var/mail or /var/spool/karl but 
after sending a message to karl it did make a place to save the mail.

There is still no /var/mail/root on this Harty so I have no idea where 
root messages are stored.


> --- Karl Larsen <k5di at> wrote:
>>   It is true if you want to have a REAL mail client
>> you need mail. It 
>> does this:
>> 1 Introduction
>> gnu Mailutils contains a series of useful mail
>> clients, servers, and 
>> libraries. These are
>> the primary mail utilities of the GNU system.
>> Specifically, this package 
>> contains a POP3
>> server, an IMAP4 server, and a Sieve mail filter. It
>> also provides a 
>> POSIX ‘mailx’ client,
>> and a collection of other tools. The central library
>> is capable of 
>> accessing different mailbox
>> formats and mailers as well as off of local or
>> remote POP3 and IMAP4 
>> servers.
>> This software is part of the GNU Project and belongs
>> to the Free 
>> Software Foundation.
>> All libraries are licensed using the GNU LGPL. The
>> documentation is 
>> licensed under the
>> GNU FDL, and everything else is licensed using the
>> Why use this package?
>> This package started off to try and handle large
>> mailbox files more 
>> gracefully then current
>> POP3 servers did. While it handles this task, it
>> also allows you to 
>> support a variety of
>> different mailbox formats without any real effort on
>> your part. Also, if 
>> a new format is
>> added at a later date, your program will support
>> that new format 
>> automatically as soon as
>> it is compiled against the new library.
>> If you want to read mail to root, just start mail in
>> a root terminal 
>> with $sudo mail. If you want mail to karl just type
>> mail. If you want to 
>> use mail with Internet mail then you need to read
>> the manual.
>> To get mail just use sudo apt-get install mailx and
>> mailutil
>> Karl
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